THE UNKNOWN,  28.75 x 16 x 8.5 (SOLD)

THE UNKNOWN, 28.75 x 16 x 8.5 (SOLD)


Cindy Britan is a sculptor based in rural Boulder County, CO. Britan Studios was created in 2018 when Cindy closed her play therapy practice to become a full time sculptor. Her piece, The Unknown (above), was born out of this transition. Typical of Cindy’s sculptures, her pieces embody an uncanny, symbolic and metaphorical theme pairing the familiar with the unfamiliar while drawing from her life experiences, both personally and professionally. Most of her pieces are an attempt to convey a visual psychological connection between the conscious and the unconscious. Cindy has described her objective as a chance to connect and engage the viewer’s curiosity, and spark a conversation. She maintains that sculpting is therapy for both the maker and the viewer, and it is an important task as individuals that we engage with what disturbs us as well as, with what delights us. Examining why a piece disturbs us may provide more important keys to discovering, and unlocking answers to our own lives. Cindy strives to produce pieces that are expressive, and places great importance to the rendering of the eyes, as they are as Shakespeare noted, the windows to the soul.

As the second year begins as a professional sculptor, Cindy has been exploring new ways to represent the figure, as in her Tribal series and the elongated, stylized faces of the Holding it Together Series. Continue to check back in to see what’s new!